* * PLEASE NOTE: As Oregon re-opens and restrictions for gatherings, masks and social                                  distancing are lessened, we, as a club, have begun to re-open as well and                                  have begun holding events again.  As the governor re-opens the state,                                  we will continue to re-open our club and lessen our restrictions.

We are accepting "interviews" for new membership on a LIMITED basis at this time.

Contact Information
Email : theroguesuncatchers@yahoo.com
Mailing Address : P.O. Box 8536
Medford, OR 97501 USA
Medford Weather
Medford, OR, USA

Southern Oregon Nudist Travel Club

The Rogue Suncatchers is affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and is a family oriented nudist group that meets socially to enjoy a clothing free lifestyle.

The club meets monthly for social activities and occasionally takes excursions to landed clubs and clothing optional destinations in the region.

Because we are a family oriented club, we conduct a background check for the safety of all members.

If you are interested in a clothing free lifestyle in a safe, family oriented atmosphere please contact The Rogue Suncatchers for details.

2022 Calendar:

January   8 Potluck Dinner
February 13 Super Bowl Party
March 12 Potluck Dinner
April   9 Open
May 14 Open
June 11 Summer BBQ - Burgers and hot dogs
July   9 Summer BBQ - Burgers and hot dogs
August 13 General Assembly Meeting and Summer BBQ

Visit the AANR Website for more information regarding nude recreation.